Merci (I think)

Merci (I think)
: Wish I hadn’t quit French after sixth grade. Then I’d be able to read this post and know whether they mean it when they describe me as un blogueur ultra-c

  • He means it. Never thought of yourself as ultra-c

  • KMK

    A literal translation (for acuracy I didn’t clean it up)
    The myth of the blog-d

  • Seb

    Let me take a stab at the first and last paras… (too little time)
    Jeff Jarvis, the ultra-famous and popular US blogger, makes me giggle this morning with his moralizing side… Yes, american companies need to start translating their products, and preferably in the order he indicates:

    Finally, the crucial point: before making publication tools available, citizens need access to the Internet and to digital literacy… and on this point, Jeff Jarvis would do well to consult more closely the numbers that appear on this site. It might promptly bring his feet back to the ground.