Punchline of the year

Punchline of the year
: Yasser Arafat sees Mel Gibson’s The Passion and decrees it is “not anti-Semitic.”

Oh. Well, by his definition that means that he didn’t see Gibson bombing hundreds of innocent Jews.

: Oh, it gets even worse:

Yasser Arafat watched Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ on Saturday, and afterward a top aide compared Jesus’ pain during crucifixion to the suffering of Palestinians in the conflict with Israel.

Nabil Abu Rudeneh, one of Arafat’s closest advisers, watched the film along with the veteran Palestinian leader and a group of American and European Christians and Palestinian Muslim clerics.

“The Palestinians are still daily being exposed to the kind of pain Jesus was exposed to during his crucifixion,” Abu Rudeneh said in a statement after he viewed the movie.

Wow, they manage to insult both Jews and Christians.

  • And it’s all Mel Gibson’s fault! After all, Yasser would never have done so if not inspired by the movie!

  • Jeff B.

    Wow, this one rivals Mahathir Mohammed’s support of John Kerry for Most Unwanted Endorsement.

  • Jeff: I’d say that award is won today by noam chomsky’s endorsement of kerry. at least he was reluctant…

  • Billy

    The fact that Yasser Arafat has not yet been struck down by a bolt of lightning causes me to doubt the existence of a just and merciful God.
    I’m still holding out hope, though.

  • hen

    billy – either God with lightning or the IDF with a 2,000 bomb well placed bomb – it’s all good.

  • Wm Whitelaw

    Sloppy terminology strikes again. When Arafat says anti-Semitic, don’t assume he means anti-Jewish. Semitic refers to native speakers of Semitic languages – among others, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic. Arafat would know that, even if too many reporters don’t. The common notion that Semitic is a fancy synonym for Jewish is an excuse for imprecise thinking. As for what Arafat might actually have said or meant – beats hell out of me.