Dateline: Heaven

Dateline: Heaven
: Atrios is having a quite proper bit of fun digging into the site of the World Journalism Institute, whose mission is:

There is one primary reason why the World Journalism Institute should be committed to the education of young journalists: it comes directly from the need to be faithful to the Christian example of accurately reporting (e.g., being reliable eyewitnesses) the work of God in today’s world.

Now look at the faculty and you find all kinds of people — or organizations — who should know better. Says Atrios:

Let’s see. First, we have Roy Rivenburg, an LA Times staff writer who just wrote a wonderful article about how lots and lots of people really really think gay people shouldn’t marry.

Then we have NPR’s religion correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty who regularly reports on hot button social issues….

Then there’s David Cho, a metro reporter for the Washington Post who covers local religion issues. This guy likes to recycle his own story ideas. Note how he likes to contrast “christian” and “religious” with “gay.”

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    I promise I’ll get all excited about this after some of the glaring anti-religious biases (like the story impugning Brownbeck’s living arrangements because it’s got a Christian background) are reduced.
    And I’m not even a Christian.

  • I’m sorry, I’m not sure I see what your or Atrios’ point is. Is he (and you, Mr. I’m-blogging-from-church) saying that “conservative Christians” shouldn’t be allowed to say anything about their religion and get paid for it (ie, work the “religious beat” for a newspaper)? Should only “liberal non-Christians” report on religion? And this is supposed to be “fun”? Ha ha, I’m not laughing, I don’t get it. For one thing, if this sinister cabal of fundies is supposed to be pushing some sort of conservative Christian agenda through NPR, they don’t seem to be doing a very good job. And could you tell me if the phrase “explicitly pro-religion… Christian organization” has any meaning at all?

  • hey

    this is no more (and no less) outrageous than columbia u’s j-school
    a bunch of likeminded bigots get together to decide what the news is, despite the fact that none of them no anything about that which they write, causing them to get most things horribly wrong day after day, and to imbue their pervasive biases into their “reporting”
    except that these idiots might actually know something about religion, as they have one, unlike mainstream reporters who know nothing about anything!
    j-schools suck, what else is new? oh right, these people don’t have the right biases and bigotry (like deploring conservatives and right wing christians).
    jeff, your participation in this is truly apalling. you know and experience the bigotry against the religious in daily life (hell im guilty of it myself a lot of the time) and yet you help perpetuate it?