At the Jersey blog MeetUp

At the Jersey blog MeetUp
: I’m at the blog meetup and here’s a link to one of the bloggers, a town father of South Orange who blogs on Another local blogger who uses his for biz. Tom of TheMediaDrop is here, talking about redoing his house. More later.

Tom told the story of being dropped from the PR Newswire‘s journalist section because he couldn’t give them a clip from a publication showing he’s a journalist. What incredibly numbnutty flacks they are! Don’t they get that this is the future of journalism? Don’t they get that they should be grateful that anybody is ever paying attention to their grating press releases? Jeesh.

And then Debra Gallant, the charming writer for The New York Times — and blogger — dropped in. Various of us had talked to her about a story she’s writing for The Times on Jersey bloggers and it was a real pleasure to meet in person. She said she’d just donated blogging lessons to her temple’s fundraiser; I like that idea.

I should also plug our hosts: South Orange blogger Tracy Randinelli; Jersey blogger John Shabe; and Editor-in-chief Dean Betz.

  • You are fast, Jeff. I was going to upload one of the pictures I took of the gathering, but I can’t find the cord to connect the camera to the laptop. So I guess it will have to be 1000 words instead.
    The meetup was fun. Thanks for all the ideas.

  • Sounds great, Jeff! I am going to add you all to my newsreader.
    Best, SUsan