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The Daily Stern

: UNCLEAR CHANNEL: Hmmm. Clear Channel gets hit for a quarter million of fines for Elliot in the Morning… but he isn’t fired. Bubba’s fined and fired. Howard is not fined and he’s fired. Elliot is fined but he’s not.

: SIRIUS: Roger Friedman says he’s heard that Howard Stern visited the offices of Sirius satellite radio last week. “If Stern takes this turn, he’ll be remembered for launching an entire medium.”

: SATELLITE JITTERS: Hei Lun at Begging to Differ reports that what with all the talk about Howard Stern and others jumping from broadcast to satellite, broadcast is getting nervous.

Howard Stern’s threat of going to satellite radio is being taken seriously.

On Friday, then again this morning on a different radio station, I heard two different versions of a radio ad against satellite radio. In the ads, people who are supposedly former subscribers of satellite radio talk about how much it stinks….

The second ad is amusing in an odd way because it spend more than half the time having people complain about foul language. Someone complains about hearing swearing in songs when normally it’s bleeped out on regular radio (yeah, people love it when radio edits the song of their favorite bands); another person talks about how he often forgot to change the dial when his kid gets in the car so the kid hears all the swearing (forego satellite radio–for the children!). Then another guy talks about the cost of having one in his car, then having to pay for it again on his wife’s car. The ads both end with “a message from your hometown stations”.

The audience who’d switch with Stern wouldn’t be concerned about dirty words. I’m sympathetic with the problem of being less portable (I want to listen to satellite in my car, in my home, while running, in my office… that will be tough). But anything in the cause of free speech….

: UPDATE: Bubba the Love Sponge, fired shock jock, does an Internet webcast.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: KCRW, the LA public radio station, rescinds its firing of Sandra Tsing Loh for accidentally letting the f word out of the air; she issues a joint statement saying she chooses not to return to the station. Face-saving all around. LA Observed has the news.

Sandra has her say on Cathy’s blog:

“My decision is to never set foot upon the toxic soil of KCRW again as my personal statement about the poor way I was treated,” she added. “Aside from that, I wish KCRW the very best.”

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