Another 11th

Another 11th
: I went through the World Trade Center today. It’s never a routine trip, no matter how often I take it: always bringing back memories, always sobering, always sad, always angering as the PATH train bends around a corner and I look across the huge field of destruction and death down there. Today was a bad day, for I thought of the thousands of victims and their families in Spain, targets of more senseless, evil, inhuman — every adjective is inadequate — terrorism. I am sad for them. I am angry for them. I support them as they begin a period of grief and rage we know, too. Not much more to be said right now, but God bless you.

  • TC

    Yo, Jeff. You did not go through the WTC. You went through a construction site. Don’t make a hunk of ground another Stern.
    The graveyard, the WTC, is out in Staten Island, at Fresh Kills, where you ignorant blowhards haven’t got the nerve to come work on sorting this stuff out…
    You are right…This Treo rocks.

  • James

    God bless America and her soldiers and her people in the fight, nay crusade, against evil in every corner of the globe.
    It’s only when decent men shirk their duty that evil grows. We must confront it and send our troops wherever they are needed, no matter how much the Left howls.

  • Dan Herzlich

    TC: OT – They’re releasing a camera-less Treo late April for those who’ve had problems taking it to their jobs.