Well, that’ll tell ’em!

Well, that’ll tell ’em!
: The UN issues a “strongly worded” resolution condemning the terrorism, blaming it already on ETA. How do they know?

: A commenter below reminds us that the French were searching their train tracks only a few days ago. What did they know?

  • KMK
  • Joe Peden

    U.N. is battling for thought control, that is, that we can’t think. Wrong! And say goodbye to the U.N..

  • Trump

    UN= Useless Nothings

  • Ripclawe

    French were searching the tracks because a group called AZF said they would attack the tracks unless they got paid millions. They actually found a explosive device on Feb 21st that was powerful enough to do damage.

  • James

    So the French knew something was up but probably couldn’t be bothered telling the Spaniards? This is disgraceful. I wouldn’t mind a division or two of Marines making a landing in Paris to teach them something about how freedom needs to be defended…
    I mean seriously, 60 years ago the official French government was Hitler’s ally, so I think it’s quite conceivable that they face our troops in battle again. Give it another term with Bush…as long as the lefties don’t win in Nov and start playing kissup with the old Europe

  • James

    Ripclawe, you can make all the excuses you want, but some of us know who our real friends and enemies are; and sometimes the enemy is within, masquerading as defenders of civil rights while encouraging the terrorists to grow bolder.

  • billg

    What the French knew is that someone has been sending Chirac letters threatening to blow up railroads unless France turns over $5 million. That’s why they were checking the tracks. One bomb was found in a railway bed near Limoges on 21 Feb.

  • Bill Peschel

    James, I don’t have the link handy, but I read the story. A French radical group was attempting to extort millions by threatening to plant bombs along French railway lines. They gave EPS coordinates to the police, which led them to a rather sophisticated bomb. Although the French police sat on the story, word leaked out.
    There was no indication that Spain was at risk by these crooks.

  • KMK
  • James

    Bill Peschel: so if they claim to be French radicals you believe them right? The Left is willing to believe anything to get al-Qaida off the hook it seems.
    The French aren’t that naive. I wouldn’t put it past Chirac to let it slide so he can gloat that Spanish action in Iraq caused this barbaric attack.

  • My greatest fear for this operation was that it was cooperative action by the ETA and Islamofascists. If so, and it’s not unlikely, we have turend another page.

  • penny

    One out of every ten residents of France are Muslims at this point in time. France is metaphorically riding the tiger and can’t dismount or they get eaten. Any strongly worded utterance or actions from them toward Muslim terrorists and Paris will be in flames.
    A French radical group was attempting to extort millions by threatening to plant bombs along French railway lines………….if the French were telling the truth in what was reported. Their story has a rather lame quality to it. What “radical group”?

  • James

    penny: Exactly, the whole “radical group” theory sounds very hokey indeed. As for riding a tiger, it’s like you took the words right out of my mouth! Even if Chirac wanted to do anything, I don’t think he could rock the boat too much. It’s like the way we have to tiptoe around our Jewish friends, except the Jews are true friends.

  • The bomb threat in France as portrayed by Le Monde looks more like an attempt at an extortion scheme more than the orchestrated bombing that took place in Madrid. I think the French situation is entirely different than Spain’s.
    I think, unfortunately, that the Madrid bombing is not an isolated incident (note: the subway bombing in Moscow). In fact, the effectiveness of such an attack is really scary. Trains in European cities are not just located within urban areas, but connect to larger regional means of transportation. Combine this with the high cost of car travel and a lot of people are effected by this type of attack.
    By the way, I live in the France, and know this reality firsthand. The Madrid attack has instilled in me the same kind of uncertainty in train travel as did the Twin Towers attack for air travel. I happened to be on a plane traveling Kansas City to Houston at the moment those attacks occurred. I found out the news as we exited the plane and saw the scenes on the gate’s television.
    Now, some European countries who have exempted themselves will no longer be able to opt out of the war on terror.