The bloody bits

The bloody bits
: Capitalizing on the runaway success of Mel Gibson’s Passion, CBS is bringing back its Jesus miniseries — but it cutting to the chase by airing only part II: the crucifixion.

  • I saw that miniseries. It was pretty much crap, which was too bad, ‘cos I love Gary Oldman; but he played Pilate as a Roman Zorg, and the Magdalene character looked like she wandered into the movie from the set of Sex in the City. I shall pass over the ending — happy Alive Jesus™ dancing with the children up a modern-day street– in silence.

  • Yeah, just the bloody bits. What the guy is supposed to have said for the preceding three years isn’t important, is it?

  • No

    Right, Frank. And how nervy of them to ignore the kindergarten years! A proper historical show would be 33 years long, right? And Schindler’s List? How come I didn’t see the complete stories of all 5,400 victims? What’s up with that? Selective Speilbergian revision of history.