Democracy, flowering

Democracy, flowering
: Zeyad reports reaction to the new Iraqi constitution:

At the same day, the Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani shortly issued a fatwa in which he stated his disapproval of the new law, describing it as ‘an obstacle in the path of a permanent constitution’. No, mate, it’s not. It’s an obstacle in your way to put it right. Go back to your istihaza books and thick fiqh volumes, and quit meddling in our affairs until you at least apply for an Iraqi citizenship. And to tell the truth, this is a good thing because I would be actually worried if Sistani approved the new constitution.

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  • Mustapha

    Yeah, an atheist who represents maybe a few dozens of people in a country of 60% Shia, weighing in with his opinion. Woo hoo! The voice of the Iraqi people speaks!
    Let’s see free and fair elections in Iraq, Americans. One person, one vote. What do you say–for or against the idea?
    I can just imagine the “for, BUT anybody whose worldview doesn’t agree with ours aren’t really people, hence they can’t be allowed to vote” arguments already