Terrorism is…

Terrorism is…
: Die Zeit’s blog asks (auf Deutsch) what is the definition of terrorism? The leader so far, translated by Heiko:

Terrorism is if something blows up and it wasn’t set off by the good guys.

PS We are the good guys

  • “If something blows up” makes it sound as if terrorism is no more than setting off a few fireworks. It is simplistic and offensive to equate murdering scores of civilians with no warning to, say, fighting combatants on the field or aggressively pursuing members of an organization dedicated to such attacks.
    Perhaps this is too nuanced a concept for some to grasp.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    That’s okay, I’ll settle for “if something blows up and we didn’t blow it it”.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    “didn’t blow it up”.
    One time I don’t use preview, and see what happens?

  • No

    Sounds like Germans still have a bit of a problem with ‘moral equivalency.’ It’s not, however, as if there isn’t some historical precedence here in Germany deciding what’s good and bad.

  • pele

    Terrorism is the National Education Association!!!

  • JorgXMcKie

    Having dealt with the NEA, I’ll buy that.