The relationship medium

The relationship medium
: Ton got a job. He didn’t get the job through his blog, but he got a killer reference from Martin because they built a relationship on their blogs. This medium creates deep and trusting personal relationships. Name a medium before that could do that.

: Fun comments ensue.

: UPDATE: Hugh MacLeod creates an ad to get adman Steve Hall a job. Most cool.

  • Crid

    1. USPS
    2. Telephone
    3. etc.
    I spend far too much time reading blogs each day. BUt we shouldn’t imagine that they cure cancer.

  • 1. Tradeshows
    2. Conferences
    3. etc
    (As for blogs curing cancer, funny you should mention it, Crid: Joi Ito thinks they could.)

  • 1. Alternative/underground weeklies.
    2. Expatriate English-language newspapers.
    3. ‘zines & weirdo comics.

  • John Anderson

    Er, Madame Blavatsky? Or did she just write about mediums?

  • Jim