Blogging gay marriages

Blogging gay marriages
: Oregon is jumping on the (ever-more-crowded) gay marriage bandwagon and so (one of my day-job colleagues) is blogging the nupitals with photos of the happy couples. Enjoy.

  • weimdog

    I have the same attitude that about gay marriage that this cartoon reflects –

  • cardeblu

    I just wonder why those who did get married today after receiving their marriage license had the “right” NOT to wait the state law mandatory 3-day waiting period.

  • kkl

    I don’t care one way or another about gay marriages. Sorry, can’t work up the emotion. But I could start to get pissed off if cardeblu’s claim is correct. Are the legal waiting times the same or are they different for gays and straights? I’d have a huge problem with that.

  • kkl

    Please see my earlier post (I have no idea if I am double posting or not). If the waiting time for executing a marriage license is different in Oregon for gays and straights, I think I am angriest with Jeff.
    I’ve been reading your blog because I appreciate your perspective about where the truth lies (lay?). Half assed information is half assed information. If this turns out to be true, I’ll have more time in my day because I won’t be stopping by here.
    I’ve given you credibility and the high moral ground. Please tell me that you are “telling it like it is.” A difference in waiting period is significant to me. Can partners still sue each other when these quickie marriages fall apart, or are they immune to that as well?

  • Rootbeer

    Are the legal waiting times the same or are they different for gays and straights? I’d have a huge problem with that.
    If that is your position, you logically MUST be in favor of allowing gays to marry. You can’t condone the system if straight couples had to wait three days, and gay couples have to wait up to 27 years or longer.
    And the less attention given to angell’s comments, the better.

  • KMK

    Marriage license requirements vary from state to state. In CA there is no waiting period, no blood test or family tree check required. The fee is $64-$68. Oregon has a three day waiting period. Some counties may waive the waiting fee for an additional payment of $10.00. Fee $50-$60. In MA there is a 3 day waiting period this link gives the rest of the requirements. The fee $4-$15.

  • It’s actually one of the silliest things i’ve ever heard of. 2 men getting “married”. Tragic even…
    but dont get me started…

  • cardeblu

    Thanks, KMK. I should’ve googled…

  • KMK

    It was a good question. I knew it varied state to state but I thought I had read OR had a 3 day waiting period. I didn’t know it could be waived with a fee.

  • Yes, in fact, the waiting period can be waived (as always) by paying an additional $15.00 fee, which many couples chose to do yesterday.
    There are a few Oregon bloggers (myself included – I’ve linked to many of them on my site) with on-the-scene reports, links into local news sources, and insights into Oregon’s unique political climate and local reactions, if you want to read more.

  • Colleen

    Now THAT is a neat use of a blog. Am I thick, or are they not linking to it from anywhere obvious on their site? I can’t seem to get to it other than from the link you posted, Jeff.

  • Just a song : Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby Mc Ferrin