What goes around…

What goes around…
: So 43 percent of stockholders voted against the most hated man in Hollywood, Michael Eisner.

HEH. And HEH again.

  • Leland

    Hmmm… I can hardly stomach anything Disney related since Eisner took over. However, it seems to have been very successful as a corporation under his leadership. If he fails, assuming my knowledge is correct, this might just prove that Americans, or at least Disney share holders, at not beholden to the almighty dollar.

  • kkl

    I’m not following this at all, but 43% against the “most hated man” sounds like he won a majority. Is this news because even one vote against a chair is unheard of?
    Like I say, I’m ignorant and not all that interested.

  • Mike G

    Here’s the thing, KKL. This NEVER happens in shareholders’ meetings, for the simple reason that the overwhelming majority of shareholders don’t pay attention to anything and the few big shareholders of the Calpers (California state employees pension fund) variety do their dirty work behind the scenes. Shareholders’ meetings are rubber stamp parties, occasionally interrupted by one or two troublemakers before they do what management tells them to do and go back to sleep. So for 43% of the attendees at one of these to stand up and diss the boss is like people in the audience at one of Castro’s 3-hour speeches standing up and yelling things back at him.

  • Mike G

    Sorry, Leland, the disatisfaction is largely due to the fact that Disney has underperformed financially, and the share price hasn’t budged in years.

  • Crid

    I think the source was Spy magazine. Which meant that it comes from when Spy was good, before 1991. They quoted Chevy Chase as turning to Eisner from the podium of some BH charity event and saying “I’d like to piss in your mouth.”
    We note that Mr. Chase has not worked since, dismal nightime talkshow excluded.

  • Leland

    Mike G,
    Thanks, and I don’t discount that. I’m simply uninterested in Disney’s product (not that my sentiment is held by my kids). Outward, it seems that Disney has increased revenue, with its acquisitions of ABC, which includes ESPN, and their Cruise Line (I believe that started under Eisner early on), and success in the Disney networks and advertisting.
    The problem is that as an adult, it looks like crap, but again, the kids eat it up. So I can believe the stock is stagnant regardless of growth or not. Certainly, there was a time that parents considered Disney (and ABC, ESPN, and cruises) a quality product.

  • Ebb Tide

    G E O R G E M I T C H E L L
    wow…. more here:

  • Ted

    Just as long as none of this keeps them
    from making more Kim Possible episodes..

  • Leland

    Hey Ted,
    Can you or someone else explain Disney’s hang up on kids being secret agents for above the law US spy organizations? (again my kids watch this … you’re thinking, “sure, only they watch it” but it’s true, but I do try to pay attention to what they watch… Disney isn’t G anymore, but PG).
    There’s Kim Possible; Spy Kids 1,2,and 3; Jet Jackson; Agent Cody Banks; and I believe another who’s title I can’t remember. They’ve almost surpassed “the Saint” and Bond phenomenon of the 60’s. If our government really is anything like Disney’s portrayal, then maybe that explains our Intelligence problems leading up to 9/11 and Iraq.

  • Mike G

    “Can you or someone else explain Disney’s hang up on kids being secret agents for above the law US spy organizations?”
    A movie called Spy Kids was a big hit. Now there are 10 of them. You didn’t notice that TV and Hollywood worked that way?

  • Homer Robinson

    Didn’t Roy Disney bring Eisner in, and now is working to take him out? Man, what a soap opera.