: Iranian radio reported that bin Laden had been caputured in Pakistan. U.S. officials deny it.

: Meanwhile, The Times reports:

President Bush has approved a plan to intensify the effort to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, senior administration and military officials say, as a combination of better intelligence, improving weather and a refocusing of resources away from Iraq has reinvigorated the hunt along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The plan will apply both new forces and new tactics to the task, said senior officials in Washington and Afghanistan who were interviewed in recent days. The group at the center of the effort is Task Force 121, the covert commando team of Special Operations forces and Central Intelligence Agency officers. The team was involved in Saddam Hussein’s capture and is gradually shifting its forces to Afghanistan to step up the search for Mr. bin Laden and Mullah Muhammad Omar, the former Taliban leader.

  • C Bassett

    It’s the whole “Bush is holding bin Laden til just before the election!” thing again. The “source” is apparently holding onto that explanation, hoping he gets lucky and bin Laden is captured before November so he can help minimalize the impact of a defeated bin Laden and maximize the conspiracy theorists ammo for Bush.
    There’ll be a ton of these stories. I’m a bit ticked that it’s getting so much attention.

  • BigFire

    As always when hearing breaking news from questionable source, use the Den Beste Rule : Wait 48 hours, and see if there are multiple source confirming it.

  • I take it none of you really understand this bit of news. If you ask nicely, I’ll explain it to you.

  • Tonto

    Drat? WTF????????????

  • Tonto: Drat that we didn’t get him.

  • Tonto

    Whew! Thanks for the clarification there, Jeff. I was wondering if you had crossed over into ABB/AAC (Anybody But Bush/At Any Cost)territory.

  • Ted L

    RM……..no one needs to ask. People like you can’t help themselves.

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