Deaniacs’ quandry

Deaniacs’ quandry
: Dean blogger Matthew Gross has his former colleague Mark Sundeen blog about the choice on Super Tuesday:

With Super Tuesday a few days out, I’m facing a question I didn’t expect: who should I vote for?…

But even now, with Dean out of the race, many will still vote for him…. I think the majority of those voting for Dean know he won

  • Insufficiently Sensitive

    A Democrat can do better? They’ll have to get off their media-supported hysterics and enter the real world first. Oh, and develop a program beyond ‘Bush sucks’.

  • Dinosaur

    That demo is thinking outside the box. After all the primaries at this point (kerry a lock) are not that important, but maintaining media spotlight is. The Bush White House gets more than its share of media, so focus on the opposition is good, even handed, and fair.