Howard’s back

Howard’s back
: This is what a sick fan I am: I’m on vacation and could actually sleep this morning, yet I set the alarm for 6 so I could hear Howard Stern on Stuttering John’s defection to the Jay Leno show.

Stern won’t stand in the way of his guy, John, getting a good gig with more money (reportedly $500k/year for three years). That’s not the interesting part.

Howard said Leno called him twice and Howard called Jay lame for stealing not only his bits but now his people. Leno sends people out to the red carpet to ask odd questions, as Stuttering John does (and, in fact, Leno tried to hire John before to do this). Leno stole the Stern homeless game/stripper game. Now Leno steals Stuttering John. And as a I said a few days ago, it’s all the odder that Leno is hiring him as announcer, extending Stern’s stuttering joke.

Leno called Stern a second time asking him to come on Tonight to talk about it. Stern laughed at him.

And that’s the morning Stern report.