The Stern vote

The Stern vote
: Howard Stern spent the last few years singing George Bush’s praises but Bush has lost him and here’s the killer blow: Over vacation, Howard bought Al Franken‘s book and loved it. “If you read this book, you’ll never vote for George Bush,” he said.

Before you go off on a Frankenfest, that’s not the point. Bush lost Stern in part because of what he confesses is a self-serving issue: threats of censorship from the FCC. But it’s more than that; Stern said it’s also about forbidding stem-cell research and trying to forbid abortion. Stern said Bush is a religious fanatic, “a Jesus freak.” And, Stern said lately, it’s about the economy; it’s about jobs.

Stern didn’t say much about Kerry; he didn’t mention Edwards. But he said he has become an anybody-but-Bush voter.

This matters.

  • Stern’s issues are all important.
    The stem-cell issue alone is worth voting Bush out of office for. It’s literally suicidal for us not to be pursuing that thread of research. It’s going to extend lives, seriously.
    And free speech is pretty important too. We take so much for granted, and Bush is playing really dangerous games with our freedom.

  • Alex

    Glad you caught that.
    It felled me to hear it from Stern.
    His “epiphany,” however, strikes me as fueled by exactly the same self-interest displayed during Laurence O’Donnell’s meltdown on “Scarborough Country” last week. Regarding the then-Lieutenant’s Senate testimony, O’Donnell screamed: “John Kerry saved my life! He saved my life!” Evidently, O’Donnell’s draft notice was somehow interdicted by Kerry’s words to the Senate. Insofar as I’m accustomed to O’Donnell’s supercilious sangfroid from “McLaughlin,” his passion came as a surprise. But it was refreshing to see true motives actually displayed for a change. The same for Stern.
    The idiot mantra of individual self-interest (played upon for all it’s worth by the Left) has replaced the greater goal of preserving the United States from murderous attack.
    Gone is the “Ask Not…” uttered by the Democrat saint, JFK the First.
    Great blog, by the way.

  • Yep. Same mistake as in 1992. As soon as the Reps get a comfortable lead, their ugly side emerges.
    I voted for Clinton, and I’m a Republican.

  • syn

    Supporting stem-cell research and abortion, sounds to me like Stern has joined the progressive new religion of MAN-IS-GOD.
    I do not believe the sermons coming from the sexist Pastor Stern.

  • hen

    who cares what stern thinks? honestly has the guy done anything original or thoughtful in the past decade?
    stern won’t vote for Bush. wow. what next: earth not flat, dogs bark and water is wet. he’s a typical NYC liberal moonbat. get another tat howie, it’ll make you feel cooler.

  • Catherine

    Jeff didn’t mention that Howard voted for Gore last time. So what’s the big news? He has never voted Republican.
    His problems with the FCC didn’t start with Bush and frankly, he has as little control over that as the economy. He should be blaming Mel Karmazin of CBS.
    Stern is anti-religion. Period. He thinks anyone who believes in God, or goes to church/temple is an idiot for having faith. In other words, Jeff, you would qualify as a Jesus freak too.
    I love his show and listen to it every day, and he is free to his opinions, but I don’t get why you seem to think he has any depth of thinking about anything, but himself. After all, this was a man who for weeks and months couldn’t understand why we didn’t just nuke the Middle East and be done with them. This is a reasonable man, Jeff?

  • lk

    Stem cell and brain cell are the issues for Bush. He’s opposed to anyone using either.

  • Eric

    And all his praising of “Mr. Vietnam” John Kerry, as a true to life War Hero. He says Bush is a coward because he was in the Guard, funny thing is that his opinion sways with whatever the Media approves of at the moment, he was for Dean before Dean self-destructed.

  • Stern was a fan of what Bush did after 9-11. That is the only issue that Howard had been trumpeting Bush on.
    Catherine put it best when he said his main problem is with the FCC, which predates Bush.
    But Stern, just like fellow publicity whore Bill Maher, have made a career out of lengthy tirades against “the man”.
    Doesn’t matter whichever party sits in the white house. Folk like these guys are going to bash him.
    Besides, anyone who sits and reads Franken, or for that matter Hannity or Coulter’s book, and that author’s word suddenly becomes gospel, they were already leaning in that direction anyway. If you can’t read either of that political spin and not have some ability to step back see through the smoke screen, you’re hopelessly closed minded.

  • A-Reader

    really, anyone whose political views take a 180 from reading Al Franken…I’ll repeat that name…AL FREAKING FRANKEN….needs to have their head examined.

  • Ebb Tide

    I haven’t read all the comments here yet, but here are my feelings on the matter:
    1) If you feel we are at War (on terror) and that GWB is doing a great job at that, all other matters (even stem cell research) seem to pale in comparison, and seem even silly, trivial and a distraction from the fact WE ARE AT WAR. However, many people do not think we are at war, they see their lives exactly as if we were NOT at war… in other words, unless you travel by air or live in a Metropolitan area, you may not have The War at the top of your list.
    2) Al Franken’s book and the other anti-Bush books have been on the Best Seller list for quite awhile…. most of these anti-Bush books have footnotes and references, so you could, as the saying goes, Look it up. These writers are basing their opinions on facts or at least on referenced cited sources.
    3.) if you are fully employed and have not lost your job, your health care coverage or had any type of “hit” due to the economic vagaries of outsourcing, downsizing or the like, you will feel like the status quo is great and will vote for Bush or any other incumbant.
    4) If you feel like everything changed after September 11th you are looking for someone who also feels that way and will conduct business at the Federal level with that in mind…. that is also why if the War on Terror is not JOB #1 on your agenda you are looking around for some other politico… it is still February and most people are steeped in other things and have not been watching candidates and debates, as the primaries encounter more and more of the country, more people will wake up from their stupor, even Howard Stern.

  • weimdog

    I guess we can assume that Stern has joined the September 10th crowd.
    I really thought Stern was brighter than that. For anyone to be influenced by what Al Franken has to say is either stupid or drinking too much (which Stern has been doing since he hooked up with Beth).

  • jay

    That’s right, just close you eyes, ears, and minds and repeat the mantra, “it’s about the need for more jobs.”
    Never mind any consideration of exactly what the President or governmnet should do to make that happen.
    Don sprain your brain thinking about things like incentives for businesses or the free market or the collapse of the internet bubble of the 90’s. Just vote Kerry and the jobs will start poping up from the ground like spring tulips.
    Stern’s a funny guy, but why anyone would look to him for advice about anything other than hot lesbians, strippers, and how to exploit the physically and mentally handicapped for cash is beyond me.

  • jasper

    Just once, I’d like for people like Stern, (and you too Jeff) to give us some ideas of you own of how to ‘create jobs.’
    John Kerry won’t even do it.
    Some gut feeling tells me that raising taxes won’t quite do it, nor will trade barriers on imported goods.
    I’ve got it! Why don’t we try lowering taxes!
    That would put more spending cash in people’s pockets, which would raise corporate profits, which would encourage more hiring!
    I wonder why no one’s ever tried that…

  • Mike B

    Stern can’t support Bush, because Limbaugh does. Stern hates Limbaugh, Franken hates Limbaugh. And as stated previously, Stern is a One issue Voter…..Abortion….I don’t worry about one issue voters no matter how powerful.

  • Jeff K.

    Stern has become a tiresome, boring, one-joke media schlub, and this qualifies him as a pundit?
    Exactly how many naked midget lesbians will it take to keep America safe, win the WOT and keep the economy building? I don’t think either Stern or Franken have the answer — they’re both limelight-hungry class clowns with little to no use for religion, ethics, honesty or morality. “Grown-up” credentials – zero.
    Jeff, you’re too smart a guy to care what effect these knuckleheads have on the real world, but then, it’s your site, and we’ll all defend to the death your right to do as you please!

  • Alex

    I think it’s blow to W in a “missed opportunity” sense.
    Stern has a large, devoted audience most of whom will do whatever he says (the way people accuse Rush’s audience of being). His vocal support helped Whitman and especially a virtually unknown Pataki. If Stern had kept his post 9/11 fervor for Bush, it would have garnered him quite a few votes from people who would have likely stayed home or voted for Kerry. In a close election, this could have been huge.
    Stern seems like a bright guy, but certain issues just make him look like an idiot, even if you agree with him. He was piling on the grandstanding Rep. (whose name escapes me) who was almost in tears over Janet Jackson’s boob. That’s fine, that woman was a jackass, trying to score political points feigning outrage over a minor incident. But Stern thought he had the goods on her, because he found out she took campaign contributions from the NRA and opposed partial birth abortion. He acted like he was Woodward & Bernstein, finding out a Republican Representative took money from one the largest legitimate lobbying groups in the country and agreed with a solid majority of Americans on a particular issue.
    And does he really think President Kerry will call off the dogs of the FCC?

  • Sydney

    “This matters.”
    No, it doesn’t. Stern is a has-been and has zero political influence. People who listen to him aren’t going to him for political advice, even if they vote, they’re going to Stern for a laugh or to enjoy their own decadence.
    What’s amazing is that anyone would be fooled into thinking that this matters.

  • No, I don’t think it does matter.

  • Jeremy

    It amazes me that some find that objecting to the murdering of babies and using their bodies for medical experiments is crazy.
    Yet the left opposes killing animals for medical experiments. But babies are okay.

  • Amazed

    Howard was convinced by Al Franken’s book?? Come on…..that shows how assinine and shallow Howard Stern really is. It will matter only to 20 something slackers who Howard supports.

  • FCC has awakened a sleeping Stern giant

  • howard has the #1 morning radio show across the country. theres a reason why jay leno just stole his stutterring compadre.
    keep thinking he doesnt matter and he’ll keep proving you wrong.
    howard backed rudy g, george pataki, and christy todd, and george w. and they all won. and all but the president went on his show afterwards and thanked him repeatedly.
    since he has no concrete political stance (and isnt afraid, as seen above, to back the Repubs) he might just well be the most important and influencial political voice on radio.
    strippers, dwarfs and re-re-retards vote too, dummy.

  • John

    He’s two weeks behind Imus. That’s not even leadership in the same broadcasting complex…

  • AST

    Too bad. Karl Rove was really depending on that Stern demographic to win in November.

  • AST

    And this on top of losing the Al Franken voters!

  • Kurt

    I live abroad, so I’ve only seen Howard Stern once on TV, 2 or 3 years ago. As I recall, the subject of the evening was a person who had mastered the skill of drawing air into his posterior in order to loudly “pass gas” on demand. I have to admit that this was mildly amusing, but I have to wonder what the country has come to if Howard Stern is regarded as a force in American politics, even by the Democrats.

  • strippers, dwarfs and re-re-retards vote too, dummy.
    I think strippers, dwarfs and re-re-retards aren’t dumb enough to listen to Stern for political advice.

  • Terrye

    I have to say that I think Stern is an asshole. Sorry, but I do. I also think that a lot of people agree with the president on issues like partial birith abortion and as for stem cell research there are ways to accomplish this that won’t create such controversy. No doubt Mr. stern is too much of an idiot to know that. And all that FCC stuff is silly. I remember Tipper and her crusade against music lyrics, somethings just don’t deserve that much attention and Stern, the obnoxious offensive sexist jerk is among those things.
    Ebb Tide: I lost the best job I ever had when Clinton was president and I have never made that kind of money again. Is that the fault of the Democrats or is it fate? My partner is trying to get health insurance now. He can afford to private pay it but he has a history of high blood pressure and they don’t want to insure him at any price. Now what would the Dems do about that? Other than lie to him?
    And Franken is a partisan hack. Just like Hannity. same difference.

  • Jerry

    Flipping around the dial a long time ago I paused at Stern’s TV show. One of the show’s regulars was jacking off as a sex industry worker watched with feigned interest. I doubt the people who watch this sort of thing have much interest in voting, much less time for Howie’s opinions on politics.

  • burnplant

    Ha Ha,
    See the Repubs and Faux Dems scramble to rewrite history once again, this time it’s Howard.
    “Howard Stern sucks…now that he’s come to his senses about Bush!”
    Big difference between Franken and Hannity-Coulter-Rush books; Franken has facts backed up in his, along with frequent mentions of his bias where appropriate. The others don’t.
    Try reading them back to back (start with Hannity), it’s very obvious who the partisan hacks are. Also, try and track who is more insulting to their reader’s intelligence…

  • kkl

    My guess is that the vast majority of Americans have neither heard of Stern, or if they are like me, have heard of him but never listened to him.
    Is this important in NYC? My guess is no. 9-11 happened there (yes, I know the Pentagon was hit and another plane crashed in Pennsylvania). The visuals of 9-11 were the planes hitting the towers, people jumping from buildings, and the towers collapsing. I wasn’t there but the visuals haunt me.
    If Stern bases his endorsement on stem cell research, or what not, it really speaks to the power of survivors moving on. Either that, or he’ll always vote a Democratic ticket, no matter what. And there is nothing wrong in that either.
    I think he would present a stronger case if he thought the Democrats had a better plan for keeping our country safe than the plan the Republicans are implementing.
    Stem cell research? Hello, we are in America. We’ll be researching that in ten or fifteen years. I personally am all for it, but I’ve grown to respect that many Americans are very conservative. That’s all right. We live in America where people are allowed their own opinions.

  • Mara

    Since Stern’s biggest markets are in New York, Philly and parts California, how much impact does this really have? If Bush is close in either NY or CA, the Democrats have a lot of problems. Pennsylvania is in the mix but since Gore won it last time – and it lost electorial votes – again, it doesn’t have much impact.
    I love Howard, I really do but I found today’s show far more interesting when he was talking about John moving to “The Tonight Show” and a professional annoucer who says “Pamerla” for “Pamela.”

  • Terrye

    Burnplate: Franken is a comedian, not a great truth teller. There is no great difference between him and Moore and Coulter or Hannity for that matter. They all have an opinion which they try to give in an entertaining way and they all swear they tell the truth and have the sources to back up everything they say. uh huh, yeah sure.
    I work in health care and it is possible to do research and still be a conservative. Too often people like Stern give the impression that only Democrats are interested in scientific research.
    BTW I never did like the son of a bitch Stern. It has nothig to do with who he does or does not vote for.

  • HH

    THIS JUST IN: After reading Hannity’s book, Stern has become an anybody but Kerry voter…

  • HH

    Yes, Franken has facts… that he conveniently twists to make his points.

  • burnplant

    Ok, terrye,
    find the most outlandish, incorrect quote that Franken is trying to attribute to someone in his book and I’ll take the Coulter book and do the same – and we’ll see how they match up.
    And if you are up to it, find a passage where Franken tries to use statistics to lie, and I’ll use the Hannity book to match or beat you.
    Post them as soon as you find it and I’ll answer.

  • Listner

    The Franken book is excellent — seriously — just because his large Harvard research team pealed-back the layers on all the recent propoganda from the radical right wing. The fact that Franken is funny, is a bonus. If the 91/2 hr audiobook version (available via download from the Apple Store) is any preview, I can’t wait to here HIS radio show.

  • bw

    It’s all about BUSH not PUSSY
    the bush – clear channel connections are well documented
    clear channel USED TO broadcast stern in six markets:including Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida; Rochester, New York; Louisville, Kentucky; San Diego, and
    on 2.26 Bush started campaigning in where? you guessed it LOUISVILLE!!!!!!!