Dean ‘nuts’

Dean ‘nuts’
: A top labor leader calls Howard Dean “nuts:”

One of Howard Dean’s most powerful labor supporters, Gerald W. McEntee, said on Thursday that he had decided that Dr. Dean was “nuts” shortly before he withdrew his support for Dr. Dean’s candidacy and begged him to quit the race to avoid a humiliating defeat.

Mr. McEntee, the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, defended his decision to abandon the campaign, saying he told Dr. Dean that he did not want to spend another $1 million of his union’s money “in order to get him a couple of extra points in Wisconsin.”

“I have to vent,” Mr. McEntee, the often blunt leader of the nation’s largest public service union, said in a leisurely interview in his office here. “I think he’s nuts.”

The voters figured that out before you did, sir.

  • onecent

    Another exemplary moment in the subtle art of the negotiative sophistication of Big Labor.

  • old maltese

    And he picked Dean. Wonder what the AFSCME members think of him.

  • Jeremy

    At least he actually said what he thought. Usually the Labor people support whoever the democratic frontrunner is, no matter what his position is relative to their own.
    Gephardt really toes the union/labor line, and genuinely believes it, yet these people stabbed him in the back because they thought Dean was the heir apparent.
    There is no loyalty among thieves, nor labor bosses. If there is a difference.

  • Tim

    Yeah, union bosses have all the social graces of orcs. Dean shouldn’t be surprised.
    But, then again, there is/was something very Jim Jones and the People’s Temple-like about Dean and his campaign. So maybe the union orc was right.

  • mwb

    yep, a good percent of primary/caucus voters certainly did indeed manage to figure something out about Howard Dean for sure! kudo’s to those who did. they definitely proved they had the power! thank you Howard Dean ;)