Citizens report from Iran

Citizens report from Iran
: Hoder is translating Persian weblogs on the election:

Zeitoon: Yesterday at the public swimming pool, two middle-aged ladies were chatting by the shallow end… I had also gone to that area… Near where the filtered water is returned to the pool… People like to stand around there… It feels a bit like a Jacuzzi… The older woman who was also a bit heavier was saying; “I’ll be forced to vote on Friday… because I’m a retiree… I’m worried that if my ID card doesn’t show the election stamp, they may stop my retirement pension… And my daughter is also a university student and it my affect her too…” The other woman who was wearing way too much make-up replied somewhat irritably; “What is all this talk? I’m on a pension too but the section on my card for election stamps, is cleaner than a Mullah’s rear-end” …

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: And here is where Iranians are submitting their reports in Persian.

: More citizens’ reporting:

Ramshad Shadman: It’s 16:30 in the afternoon, and I have prepared another report for you. My observations show that the number of voters differ a lot, from one polling station to another. The participation is very low in general; in one polling station