The problem with the people

The problem with the people
: Watching American Idol right now and they all suck. This is the problem with a show of the people; you can’t engineer it to find real talent when the contestants are talentless. Populism has its limitations.

  • Matt was really good in the tryouts; he was flat tonight. This year’s crowd is very boring.

  • Ebb Tide

    Ummmm, watch C-Span or something, it looks like Edwards is tied with Kerry right now. That’s more fun than watching people who can’t sing. But I am not watching tv now.

  • Richard Heddleson

    And so soon after the Janet Jackson flap.

  • kevin

    no kidding, that group was pathetic.

  • My TiVo conked out on me and didn’t record it tonight! Arrrrgh! TiVo, how can you let me down when I evangelize you to everyone I know?
    (Maybe it was saving me from a bad crop of singers, but still.)
    But that girl who went on first last week–the sixteen-year-old one, Diana DeSomething?–kicked ass. Really, really great. I can see her making the top four or five.

  • Ah, the Bell Curve will not be denied. Why do most people think they aren’t average?

  • julie

    They were pathetic last night. But the first week’s group was pretty good. Which is too bad for them, since only the top two go through.

  • Anonymous

    who watches tv?