: Drudge sneaks the exit polls again and says the polls were wrong: Edwards is a strong No. 2 in Wisconsin and Dean is baked bread with jam and butter on it.

: Current estimate on Fox: Kerry 39, Edwards 34, Dean 18. Much stronger showing by Edwards than predicted, much worse for Dean.

If Dean stays, he might as well support Ralph Nader.

  • The real question is going to by what Dean does after another defeat.

  • Rick

    Ask the Cult of the Bat for more money. The Dream Will Never Die!

  • anonymoose

    No, the real question is how many more ham-handed metaphors for the end of the Dean campaign we’re going to see from this space.

  • Jeremy

    Take all his followers and move to S. America, is my guess.

  • Ebb Tide

    Dean and Darth Nader should go start their own party, call it whatever they want, they can be Green if they want…. then I want all the MODERATES of both parties to start a new party, too… we can keep the Blue and Red and the new, moderate party can be Purple. This way the people who want to go far right, can, and the folks who want to go far left can do that…. then the moderates will have a chance, too.