Blog talent pool

Blog talent pool
: Somebody (Technorati/Sifry/Marks?) should create an easy and reliable means of searching for talented bloggers looking for work — or reports of jobs available.

I leave it to better brains than mine to propose the standard for announcing your status (a tag or just a standard set of words in a post linked to your resume) and your talents (see David Galbraith’s one-line bio) and the means of searching for the job seeker or job sought.

But there are lots of — too many — damned smart bloggers looking for work and why shouldn’t this industry, like all others, have a means of finding a new gig?

(Besides, I’d be curious to see how such a distributed architecture would work and Technorati and jobs would make a great laboratory to see whether the meme standard would spread and whether this distributed marketplace would produce results.)

: This is inspired by the news that Steve Hall is the latest talented blogger to be looking for a job. He’s a smart adman, as his blog attests. So hire him already.