: Howard Stern said this morning that Bush’s National Guard issue is putting his reelection at risk.

I’m not sure I agree.

Are the folks who fought there that much less likely to vote for him if they’re conservative? And just how big is that consituency.

As for the folks who tried hard not to fight there.. well, hell, all was fair in love and peace. If he used his daddy juice to get out, then good for him; we should all have been so lucky. I lucked out with a high number (the last year they were drawn) but I was ready to do what it took: go to Canada, go to jail, use a lung-blowout to get out (it gave me only a three-year medical deferment; I was ready to whine for more).

I’m not sure we all want to dredge up our Vietnam ghosts and gremlins over this kerfluffle. So I don’t think Vietnam will be the issue.

But Howard says honesty may be the issue. He says that, of course, Bush didn’t want to go to the war and he used juice to get out and he should just admit it or else that will come back to dog him.

Maybe. Or maybe Kerry will be accused of negative campaigning and dredging up bad memories, if he pushes too hard.