What’s next

What’s next
: In his opening address at ETech, Tim O’Reilly said something downright profound:

User contributions are critical to market dominance.

He didn’t say it with the deep tones that demark profundity. But it is profound. It’s another way to look at the bottom-up economy, the contribution economy, the networked economy, the age of citizens’ media and consumer control.

User contributions are critical to market dominance. Etch that in brass.

: He touts WordSpy, “a wonderful view of the collective mind in action.” The site finds new words as they bubble up. It goes beyond Wired’s jargon watch to catch the creative, collective, comedic use of the language in society. Some entries:

mucus trooper (MYOO.kus troo.pur) n. An employee with a cold or the flu who insists on showing up for work.

presidentialness (prez.uh.DENT.shul.nus) n. The physical and mental qualities that make a person appear to be suitable for the job of United States president.

straight supremacist n. A person who believes that heterosexuals are innately superior to homosexuals and that the latter do not deserve equal treatment under the law.