: LiveJournalers can now get their journals made into a PDF and a book. [via WeblogHype] Kind of a neat retro idea. Sometimes, I wish I had a printout of this, just to put on the shelf. But it would take forever. Last Sunday, when I went to be on Chris Lydon’s show, I thought I might want a few posts and links and so I printed out January’s archive — and the month still had a week go to. It was 104 pages. Damn, I’m verbose. This blog would fill a shelf.

  • I don’t believe it… Jeff self-deprecatingly calls himself “verbose” and NO one chimes in to agree?
    I’ll admit it, as a rare breed – a paid (4 years now, amazing!) reporter whose material first goes to the Web, I am also a bit, um, “thorough.” Can’t seem to tell all about anything without it taking 2,000 words. At least your individual ITEMS aren’t verbose, Jeff. And you use. Short. Sentences. I sometimes cram so many thoughts into a paragraph that… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to have to diagram my own sentences.
    As someone else who “feeds the beast” of an endlessly hungry Website (do you also feel apoplexy coming on if you go, say, 8 hours without a new post?), I feel your pain. Make it a “Best of Jarvis” publication, and it won’t take up all of the shelf. Sorta.
    (It’s like I used to tell my editors in the dead-trees world: “I don’t have TIME to write it that short!;-)

  • I got into the habit several years ago of taking the time to transfer most of my personal emails into a Word document – the ones I sent to people make a great journal, and the ones others wrote me are valuable to me. I also decided to do the same with my monthly archives. I’d hate to lose all that work to a glitch.
    If it’s a lot of work and you don’t have the time, pay someone a few bucks an hour to do it for you.

  • Everyone on LiveJournal must be doing this now because I tried to transfer my teensy, old LJ blog and all I got was a frozen browser window. Oh well — it’s not like I can’t save all my entries myself.