Hanging up the hatchet

Hanging up the hatchet
: The Dean-O-Phobe is no more:

My work here is done….

[N]ot only is Dean’s nomination dead, Deanism is dead as well. By “Deanism” I don’t mean Dean’s mix of issue positions, or his novel strategy of Internet organizing (which, I hope, will become a model for Democrats in the future). What I mean by Deanism is the belief that some combination of technology and Dean’s charisma can somehow suspend all the known laws of politics, that liberals can wish away unpleasant facts about the American electorate, and that the failure to do so represents cowardice, betrayal, and the absence of principle….

Finally, John Kerry takes all the fun out of Dean-o-phobia. Indeed, if there’s anybody who could make Dean attractive, it’s Kerry….

: And elsewhere at TNR, there’s a debate pro and con on Kerry. Kaus sums it up.