Blog geek help for hire

Blog geek help for hire
: I need an MT expert to help get my blog house in order (which will allow

me to upgrade to the next MT and to a new design). The structure of this

blog is in great part a leftover of its Blogger beginnings. So I need

someone to go through all the data and fix it up and then set me up with

some neat new MT plug-ins. The tasks, many dull:

– Move all headlines (now enclosed in bold tags in the body) into the Title

field so I can start using it.

– Fix up strange duplicated posts in early months.

– Set up per-item archives and convince me this won’t mess up every

permalink ever created (my monthly archives are now horrendously long

because I’m just so damned verbose; see next post).

– Set up comment spam plug ins and recommend other plug-ins.

– Set up mail-this-post.

– Recommend other fixes.

I would have this done on a shadow blog to test and debug and then switch


And then I’ll worry about a new design and new CSS.

If you’re able and interested, please send me email.

Please include an estimate of cost.

: I wrote this post earlier and added a line from the road on my Treo but accidentally erased it. Two kind souls send me the text again out of their RSS readers. Thanks. You can see I need the help!