Undecided, not divided

Undecided, not divided
: On the radio tonight, I heard that a third of voters decided their votes within the last four days. I’ll say it again and keep saying it: We are not a nation divided, we are a nation undecided.

CNN hints that one of the successes of Dean in New Hampshire is a lowered reliance on backpacked outsiders invading the state.

Fox projects Kerry’s victory at 8:16.

Could this end up being decided at the convention? When was the last time that happened? Will the networks regret de-emphasizing the Demo confab?

  • Your analysis is suspect. There’s no indecision here, the polls clearly show the voters extremely determined to get rid of Bush, and choosing whichever candidate seems best able to effect the eviction. As that analysis changes, so do the vote totals, but the ultimate goal is to mount the best possible opposition.
    Opposition is the key word. No indecision about that.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Yo, Maciej,
    “The voters” will do whatever they have it in mind to do by then in November. If enough are “extermely determined to get rid of Bush” by then, he’ll be toast. Meantime – word – “the voters” is way bigger than “people who vote in Democrat primaries.”