A star is conceived, not born

A star is conceived, not born
: Best Week Ever asks:

How does Dennis Miller have a TV show and Wonkette doesn’t?

But it looks as if they want to get her on their show.

: Meanwhile, Wonkette says today:

Drew Barrymore Gets Onboard Clark

First Madonna, now Drew. What is it with the slutty blondes and Clark? Must be some kind of daddy fixation.

Or the raw, sexual appeal of the underdog.

  • As I’ve said before, blogging did to Dean, what Michael Moore is doing to Clark, and what Mel Gibson will do for Christianity.
    My suggestion for Edwards: refuse all endorsements. Just try to stick with impressing the American voters.

  • Dennis Miller has a show because he, like Jon Stewart, is doing something original, political humor that isn’t stridently leftist. Wonkette thus far is just another unfunny strident, “liberal” doing jokes about how George Bush ain’t too bright, and she totally hearts Atrios etc. At this rate of humor regression I expect “Reagan falls asleep at meetings” material by next week.

  • Ebb Tide

    I watched Miller’s show last night, looked like he needed a few weeks more rehearsal time, he looked very uncomfortable. I think it was a mistake not to have a live audience, hearing 4 people laughing off mike sounded, lame.
    I wish him luck, and I’ll give it some time to find its groove, but it was a rocky start.

  • Robert Swaim

    Madonna and now Barrymore, this is like getting an endorsement from the lead characters in “Dumb and Dumber”. BTW – I agree with Ebb Tide, Miller needs to put his own stamp on the program.

  • HH

    MSNBC/CNBC shows are almost always train wrecks the first week…

  • stubby

    I like Wonkette. Then again, I’m a cheap laugh.