A Joe surprise

A Joe surprise
: I wonder whether (actually I’m only wishfully thinking that…) Joe Lieberman could come in at least higher than expected tonight.

: Kaus says: “Some people actually believe in Joementum, thanks to independent voters. Having worked for a low-polling conservative Dem here in ’84, I don’t.”

: John Ellis says Lieberman beats Clark: Kerry 35%, Dean 22%, Edwards 18%, Lieberman 10%, Clark 8%. (I’ll say it a third time: Get the jam ready to spread on Clark.)

: Sean Hannity on FoxNews says that Lieberman is the Democrat who could beat Bush because he’s the only one tough on terrorism. That, as I’ve said lately, is the Howard Stern strategy.

I still don’t think Lieberman has a … pardon the expression … prayer. But at least a Lieberman surge would send a message to the rest the pack.

Wishful thinking, I know, just wishful thinking.

: MORNING AFTER UPDATE. Yup. Just wishful thinking.