The snow day meme

The snow day meme
: Has anybody else heard this: Our kids suddenly started wearing their PJs inside out. Turns out all the kids do it when they’re hoping for a snow day. It’s good luck, says the meme. We didn’t do that in my day. We trudged through four feet of snow with nothing on our feet but….

  • Seriously?
    (turns pjs inside out, crosses fingers for extra luck)

  • Uphill both ways? ;)

  • I also just heard about this for the first time — in Rochester NY. With the added twist that you sleep with a spoon under your pillow.

  • KMK

    Same in my house our pjs are inside out. Last night my 4 year old was inducted after many assurances that it would indeed snow. In fact we had guests from PA and their kids knew of it also. Bizarre kid rituals. How high up the chain does it go? My oldest is ten.

  • I dunno…kids were more industrious in my day. When we wanted snow, we gathered together our fellow 5th-graders, stole a small plane and seeded the clouds.
    That’s the problem with kids today: no initiative.

  • the inside-out meme is active among fourth-graders in north carolina. they also put a glass of water by the window, for the same snow-inducing reasons. and apparently it works.

  • hmmm. looks like there’s a lot of underoos (oops, they don’t make those anymore) looking like spider-man inside out today, because the snow is en route, if it’s not already where you’re at in the nj/ny area….

  • Anonymous

    and don’t forget — uphill both ways!!

  • Anne

    Yep, the inside-out PJs are a potential snow day-eve tradition here in the Philadelphia burbs. Even for middle-schoolers.

  • ricki

    now, if it were still the days when kids trusted their parents, the parents could start these memes:
    “If you eat your broccoli, you’ll bring on the magic and get a snow day”
    “If you clean your room, you might get a snow day.”
    at least, that would be the kind of devious $(*% my parents would have pulled on my brother and me…

  • grayp

    absolutely a tradition among middle-school girls here if fairfax county virginia. the weatherman on the local radio station advised of the current snowfall via a “pj day” alert.

  • Anonymous

    That is so weird, I just heard about this from my niece and nephew for the first time last night.
    I thought they were crazy.