Off the air

Off the air
: Just got home from the Chris Lydon radio show. I had fun; who doesn’t love a microphone? But the problem is, whenever I get off their air it feels like the morning after: Did I make a fool of myself? (Of course.) Will anyone remember? (Well, it is radio.) Did I talk too fast? (Am I me?) I was quite honored Chris included me for an hour of his show and so, I also felt like a guest in his house, at his party, hoping I wouldn’t spill any red wine on the rug, wishing I’d get invited again.

It was amusing at the end listening to Andrew Sullivan go after Atrios and turn this into, oh, just another radio talk show, albeit one with bigger PBS words. What is it about conservatives and radio? Do the microwaves boil their blood? Sullivan said he criticizes Bush but Atrio never criticizes liberals. Atrios was nonplussed. I was merely amused. I did, however, join in when Andrew went after Atrios for being anonymous. Andrew set it up well, talking about transparency as a virtue of this medium and then accusing Atrios of being transluscent. I agree. If he has some good professional reason why he can’t, then he should at least give us a hint. He owes that to his readers.

I also enjoyed asking Frank Rich when he’s going to blog. He said he has no time and wants a life.

Net: I’m glad that Chris got two hours on many stations to explain and explore weblogs. This phenom is still damned new and now’s the time for this discussion. I hope it becomes a regular gig (and I hope he will invite me back after the carpet cleaners leave).

More links and comments over at the Blogging of the President site. And Doc practically transcribes the whole two hours (sorry I talk so fast, Doc).