If you’re not interactive, you’re deaf

If you’re not interactive, you’re deaf
: It pisses me off that I can’t leave comments at CampaignDesk.org. This supposed watchdog on the press and the campaign calls coverage of the Dean Scream “cheap shots.” I’d like to respond. But I can’t. What are you afraid of, guys?

Bryan Keefer writes something that’s nothing short of a Dean apologia, arguing that poor Howie was just trying to be heard above the roar of his eager supporters. Crap. He knew he was on TV. His rant was a coldly calculated move that backfired badly. He decided to come out looking not like a loser. And he ended up looking like a loser of another variety. And the voters and many a pundit and most comics and lotsa bloggers called it.

I would say that on CampaignDesk’s site. But they don’t want to hear from us.

The piece ends:

In the hermetically sealed world of campaign coverage, Dean’s post-caucus speech is no longer just a speech — it’s a symptom.

Who’s hermetically sealed?