If you’re not interactive, you’re deaf

If you’re not interactive, you’re deaf
: It pisses me off that I can’t leave comments at CampaignDesk.org. This supposed watchdog on the press and the campaign calls coverage of the Dean Scream “cheap shots.” I’d like to respond. But I can’t. What are you afraid of, guys?

Bryan Keefer writes something that’s nothing short of a Dean apologia, arguing that poor Howie was just trying to be heard above the roar of his eager supporters. Crap. He knew he was on TV. His rant was a coldly calculated move that backfired badly. He decided to come out looking not like a loser. And he ended up looking like a loser of another variety. And the voters and many a pundit and most comics and lotsa bloggers called it.

I would say that on CampaignDesk’s site. But they don’t want to hear from us.

The piece ends:

In the hermetically sealed world of campaign coverage, Dean’s post-caucus speech is no longer just a speech — it’s a symptom.

Who’s hermetically sealed?

  • anne.elk

    Whuh oh, more scream meme? Well I guess that the “over already” post is no longer operative then. Lessee, you’ve had is it three or four posts marking the end of the scream?
    Who’s hermetically sealed? Glenn Reynolds.

  • anne.elk

    btw, atrios had posted some wonderful yawps throughout the day. Much better than the lileks piece. And a terrific commercial too from azizisbored, I wish they were for real. Check some out.
    The commercial is amazingly great, I am sure you will agree.
    Finally for the moment, I know you’re crossing your fingers with me that Opportunity lands successfully tonight. It’s still the case that for everyone involved, only one in three attempts make it to Mars.
    Thought you might be interested in the essay written by the 9 year old girl that named Spirit and Opportunity.
    “Orphaned in Siberia, Sofi was adopted by Laurie Collis at age 2 and brought to this country from Russia. She weighed only 12 pounds and was sickly.”
    “I used to live in an orphanage. It was dark and cold and lonely. At night, I looked up at the sparkly sky and felt better. I dreamed I could fly there. In America, I can make all my dreams come true. Thank you for the ‘Spirit’ and the ‘Opportunity.'”

  • If anyone wants to see it in context:

  • So what’s the context? Shaky video, and lots of pom-poms in you face?

  • S.A. Miller: yup. You wanted him to whisper there?

  • Jarvis,
    Your skivvies are in a bunch. It was one cheerleading speech. Chill.
    A. Fish

  • HH

    No one’s called for a whisper. I’ve heard politicians yell. I’ve also heard Hulk Hogan and his ilk. And I sure as hell haven’t heard politicians yell like they just got bit in the ass at the end.

  • HH

    Keefer’s done much better work. He should know special pleading when he sees it. Maybe he should get his info from other places besides the Dean campaign.