Top 10 list, buttom third showing

Top 10 list, buttom third showing
: Howard Dean, showing a little good-natured self-deprecation not a moment too soon, reads the Top 10 List on Letterman:

“Ways, I, Howard Dean, can turn things around.”

10. Switch to decaf.

9. Unveil new slogan, “Vote for Dean and get one dollar off your next purchase at Blimpie.”

8. Marry Rachel on the final episode of “Friends.”

7. Don’t change a thing, it’s going great.

6. Show a little more skin.

5. Go on “American Idol” and give them a taste of those pipes.

4. Start working out and speaking with an Austrian accent.

3. I can’t give specifics yet, but it involves Ted Danson.

2. Fire the staffer who suggested I do this lousy Top 10 List instead of actually campaigning.

1. Oh, I don’t know — maybe fewer, crazy, red-faced rants.

: A witness to the taping.

: Dave: “He sounds little hoarse.”

: Paul: “I don’t know why.”