The day after: Quoted

The day after: Quoted
: I was quoted in Farhad Manjoo’s story on Dean in Salon this morning:

“We all learned lessons in Iowa,” says Jeff Jarvis. “Howard Dean learned the biggest one — stop being an asshole. We learned about the insular nature of this medium — we learned not to blow up the bubble, not to put too much emphasis on what this thing can do. It can do miraculous, wonderful things, but it can’t win an election. It can change the world, but it can’t win an election. What we learned in Iowa was not that blogs didn’t help Dean but that they didn’t help him in the way he needed.”

I meant to say “ass” not “asshole,” but I knew as soon as I said it, that was a quotable quote. And it’s right.

: Howard Kurtz writes the right story after Iowa: The pundits were all wrong. (And I’m happy that he quoted my post asking whether blogging hurt Dean.)

: If I were Larry Lessig, I’d have an assistant posting the articles where I’m quoted. But I’m not Larry Lessig and I don’t have an assistant so I have no choice but to come off like an egotistical ass asshole myself.

: Since I’m not a paying subscriber to Salon, I had to endure an ad to see my quote and there’s some poetic justice that I was forced to see the MoveOn ad for its ad against Bush — “the ad the Bush Administration doesn’t want you to see.”

Hmmmm. What’s the Bush Administration doing to stop you from seeing the commercial. CBS did a lot. But I don’t know what the government did.