The Dean Yell: Howard Stern

deanyell.jpgThe Dean Yell
: Howard Stern was, like much of America, amazed at Dean’s unvictory speech in Iowa, especially that unearthly squawk he made: like the last angry cry of the last dodo bird.

Stern put the speech on top of an AC/DC track and it worked.

A caller had them put the speech over a track of cheers from a Nuremburg rally — but after yelling at Margeret Cho, below, for Hitler references, I couldn’t laugh.

Robin said Dean should have had a bottle of booze in his fist. “Nobody should make that sound sober,” she said.

Artie said it sounded like a rock star trying to score some mari-i-juana.

And Howard Stern said it sounded like the cry he makes when he gets Little Howie stuck in the zipper.

: This is how the National Review spells the yell: “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

: Matt Welch’s review: “Boy, That Dean’s a Crazy Sonofabitch Ain’t He? But not necessarily in a bad way! I kinda liked his barking madman routine, why the hell not?… I kind of like the idea of a crazy man running for president, but my tastes have long been unsound.”


  1. Easycure says:

    It was pathetic. I think it drops him out of serious contention, despite the warchest he has complied.

  2. A_Reader says:

    Hmmmm…is this his Muskie Moment(tm)?

  3. Tom Grey says:

    I long ago proposed a 3 way split screen Bush ad: 3 men giving speeches, Bush, Hitler, Dean. With no sound. Just Bush boring, Hitler gesturing, and Dean … being angry.
    The narrator speaks “many supporters of Howard Dean have held signs that Bush = Hitler. When you look at these, what do you think?”

  4. KMK says:

    I think the most surprising thing that happened last night was Deans behavior. Who could embrace such anger in a presidential candidate? It’s no fun to lose but geez, show a little class. The good doctor might want to follow his own advice and see a therapist.

  5. Michelle says:

    Tim Blair links to:
    I’ve lived in VT since 87. I don’t recognize this man and his wrestl’n warrior yell.

  6. EB says:

    What about all the straight arrows that endorsed this guy, what must THEY be thinking? Although Tom Harkin looked very comfortable on stage behind him egging him on and giving him 2 thumbs up. Maybe it is the vicarious thrill of seeing Dean roar and the fact they wish they could.
    I don’t know, on second though, berserkers were known to yell while attacking and their enemies and lot of times the enemies just ran away… maybe that’ll work this time, too? Naaaah, didn’t think so.

  7. Klug says:

    I loved it — I was dying of laughter in my kitchen. It totally reminds me of a pro wrestler calling out his foes:
    “John Kerry, when we meet in Concord for Wrestlemania 47, I’m going kick you right in your rudy-poo candy ass!!!”
    Wow! I can’t remember laughing harder at a political candidate in a long, long time.

  8. Richard Cook says:

    Is Howard Dean a man we want to have access to the nuclear release codes (the football). Nahhh…

  9. John Irving says:

    Washington Wrestling Federation inside report-
    January 20th, 2004
    Following his defeat at the hands of John “The Comeback Vet” Kerry, Howard “Doctor Love” Dean is planning to recover some of his heat by a surprise run on tonight.
    Word is that during the current Heavyweight titleholders’ speech, the Doctornator will leap onstage and deliver the smackdown with a folding chair. Following up, he will prepare to deliver the People’s Left Elbow, peeling off his Jumbo-sized caffeine-nicotine patch and hurling it into the crowd. But while he does so, the Texas Presisnake will get up behind him, and as he turns, drop him with a San Antone Stunner, give him the Saddam Salute, and have his head checked for lice.

  10. Lola says:

    On the other hand, we could send Dean out to confront the dictator-of-the-day (not an American, of course) and challenge him/her to a duel, mano a mano, to the death . . . we could make a lot of money of the duel.

  11. Speaking of Dean and the nuclear football, the comparison I kept coming back to was Martin Sheen in THE DEAD ZONE. I’m not sure the guy who was ranting to his supporters last night could be talked down if he decided to nuke Canada for some reason.
    By the way, was it just me or did Dean come out while Edwards was still speaking?

  12. EB says:

    Seeing Dean ranting on TV last night was a lot like watching the character of Elaine dancing on that Seinfeld episode…. or maybe it was like watching one of the old Star Trek episodes, I was half-expecting Dean, once he became totally consumed in negative energy to evaporate with nothing left of him but some white crystals. But it was fun to watch! I can’t wait until he does it again! Who says politics aren’t fun?

  13. Sandy P. says:

    Listening to this again, kind of reminds me of the “memorial” for the MN senator who died in ’02 – Paul…

  14. Catherine says:

    Actually, at first Stern thought it wasn’t a big deal and that it might be nice to have someone that’s not so groomed. Robin then said, “you have to see the video to get the whole picture.”
    Dean’s rant went perfectly with AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”
    He sounded bananas. That’s something you do at a homecoming rally (give me a Montana! MONTANA!)not when you are running for the office that has so much power in the free world.
    However, for me, seeing the pic ASullivan posted of Clark getting a hug from a homeless looking Michael Moore was worse.

  15. Jim Treacher says:

    I’ve seen the Dean Scream described several times as a “roar.” It starts out a bit too high-pitched to really call it a “roar,” if you want to get technical. “Shriek,” perhaps, or maybe “imitation of Ned Beatty in Deliverance.”

  16. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘What about all the straight arrows that endorsed this guy, what must THEY be thinking? ‘
    Think of the dumbasses you’re talking about. Talk about hitching your wagon to the wrong horse. What was Dean thinking when he accepted or made up their endorsements. Carter loser President. Gore loser candidate. Bradley loser primary candidate. Do we sense a pattern here?

  17. Robert says:

    >Do we sense a pattern here?
    Yes, you right whingers are getting dumber by the second.
    > Gore loser candidate
    1976: Elected to the US House of Representatives (95% of the vote)
    1978: Re-elected (ran unopposed)
    1980: Re-elected (79% of the vote)
    1982: Re-elected (ran unopposed)
    1984: Elected to the US Senate (61% of the vote)
    1990: Re-elected to the US Senate (70% of the vote, won all 95 counties)
    1992: Elected US Vice-President
    1996: Re-elected US Vice-President
    2000: Ran for the US Presidency — Results: So close they had to be decided by the courts.
    Yeah, what a loozer he is.

  18. Evan Bray says:

    While the “last angry cry of the last dodo bird” is a decent analogy, I think that if you go back and listen a couple of times he sounds alot more like Animal from the Muppets.

  19. Maybe Dean took the wrong lesson from the Steve Ballmer school of motivation.

  20. Hei Lun Chan says:

    I didn’t think much of Gore’s endorsement of Dean, but now that Robert has alerted me of Gore’s illustrious career I’m going to not only vote for Dean, but also campaign for him and donate as much money as I could to him. Thanks, Robert!

  21. hen says:

    Al Gore (version 12.0): 1988 – failed to get the democratic presidential nomination; 1992 – failed to get the democratic presidential nomination – Clinton took pity on him and let him be the VP – Democrat Ed Koch says “Al Gore is simply unelectable nationwide”; 2000 – Al Gore is given the Presidency in a gift box and with his frighteningly bad debates, strange behavior and plain idiocy loses; 2004 – Al Gore throws his weight behind the loon Dean, weeks before the Iowa caucas where Dean is odds on fave – Dean gets swamped.
    Yeah Al Gore: He’s a winner alright.
    Oh and you don’t get “elected” and “re elected” VP – don’t be silly. No one says “geez i don’t think much of the Pres on the tix but with a VP like that, let me pull the trigger” — Please.

  22. HH says:

    Robert forgets Gore losing the 1988 nomination for president and the fact that he lost, yes, LOST the presidency in 2000.

  23. Sortelli says:

    Stop picking on Robert, you RIGHT WHINGERS!!! *rips shirt* YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!

  24. Robert says:

    Geez, I didn’t expect you right whingers would trample each other in your haste to make my point. Okay, so I did expect just that.

  25. Stoddart says:

    Good use of Apple’s new Garageband software on the Dean Scream:
    Play that funky music, white boy.

  26. EB says:

    I got a great idea, how about a Screamin’ Deanie Doll, it would be like Tickle Me Elmo, only better. (or worse, depending on how you look at it.) I think it is great! Can some one make it, market it and then send me some money for my idea. Thanks. It could also be instructional for kids as he names almost all the states. :^)

  27. Sortelli says:

    Remember, refuting Robert = proving him right. It’s all good in the brave new whorld of political discussion where whing is spelled with an ‘h’.

  28. Sandy P. says:

    If Dean-O drops out, he gets to keep his warchest, right?
    Dean-Pac anyone?

  29. Robert says:

    > whing is spelled with an ‘h’.
    It’s also spelled with an “e”: whinge. Look it up and you’ll understand that right whinger is a perfect fit.

  30. Sortelli says:

    Whinge on, you crazy starchild.

  31. One day Robert will fix his contact information so that his url doesn’t read:

  32. John says:

    Actually, I think sonicly, Howard’s scream actually works better in place of the guitar riff during the title refrain by Steven Tyler on Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like A Lady.” Image-wise, I kept thinking of that old Bugs Bunnry cartoon where Yosemite Sam runs for public office…

  33. brad says:

    Dean’s scream was a lame Yankee version of a Rebel Yell.

  34. HH says:

    And loser is spelled “loozer.” Look it up, it fits!

  35. Steve Teeter says:

    After a day’s reflection, we may be being unfair to the guy. Listening to that clip, it’s impossible to really tell just how loud the crowd was in its response to Dean. Suppose he was just matching his audience decibel for decibel, a pumped-up speaker responding to a pumped-up crowd. A mike at the back of the room would pick that up as a normal, high energy pep rally. Pick up just the speaker’s mike and dial down the audience, and the same speaker sounds like a raving lunatic screaming into the wind. This whole flap may to due to the fact — as the photos confirm — that Dean was just holding that mike too close to his mouth.

  36. Jeff Jarvis says:

    Steve: Nice try. But look at the pictures. His muscles are tensed like a guy going through a siezure. His mouth is foaming. He’s scary.

  37. stubby says:

    I ran across a spot-on description of the Dean campaign in (some of you may want to avert your eyes lest ye catch cooties) this week’s Weekly Standard: “The Dean campaign routinely defies this rule [i.e., avoid unpredictable, emotionally volatile or potentially embarrassing moments], as if the outside world barely registers, and missionary work is hardly necessary, and the concerns of its self-identified initiates are all that count.” The article goes on to describe a 19-year old campaign worker instructing a crowd on how to do the Dean Clap (“So when we clap on the Dean campaign, we try to all do it together. So, real quickly – everybody who knows The Dean Clap can help me out…”)
    I have revised my earlier opinion. The Dean campaign is not a religion – it’s a cult!
    (that’s a joke, by the way).

  38. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘Yes, you right whingers are getting dumber by the second.’
    Well maybe, but not as dumb as Gore endorsing Dean in a desparate grasp to stay relevant. But you’re right, throwing your endorsement to someone who’s mentally unbalanced to get your name in the newspaper is the sure sign of a winner.

  39. C-Style says:
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  40. Rhodes Mark says:

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