PC madness

PC madness
: Gawd, the Village Voice can make anything as boring as Al Gore. Cynthia Cotts attended last week’s lunch for The Week Opinion Awards and the story she comes away with is Tom Friedman’s mention that he’s starting a synagogue with William Safire (reported in many places earlier). But she has to find that PC angle:

In this country, everyone’s entitled to freedom of worship. But there is something especially freighted about giving journalism award money to a religious library.

How absurd. Then I guess contributing his journalism salary is also freighted?

Well, I sense the Voice’s criticism is quite freighted as well.

: Andrew Sullivan is appalled.

: Steven I Weiss tries to ask Cotts questions. She won’t answer.

: I sat at the same table at Cotts. As soon as she sat down, she harumphed that there weren’t enough women there or women among the winners.

What a predictable cliche: the Voice caricature. :