Customer service

Customer service
: NewsGator is pissing me off. I want to try the new web edition. But they bury the pricing (and for good reason: it’s ridiculously high, starting at $6 per month). You can’t find out how much the product costs until you sign up for the “free” 14-day trial. And when you do sign up for that trial, you have to give your credit-card information and you’ll be charged unless you cancel before the clock stops ticking. What is this, a web company or a used-car lot?

: And after going ahead and subscribing, it doesn’t help that the mobile edition doesn’t work. Arrrrgh.

: It works now. I think I’ll like this for mobile. I just wish (never satisifed) that there were links from the feeds to the web sites.

: UPDATES: Now this is how all companies should repond. I got email from the company and they also responded in the comments on this post and already brought the pricing up to the top level. They have made a friend.

: Jenny reports that Bloglines now has a mobile edition. (I’m now trying to read the Scripting News RSS feed and it’s HUGE. I’ll have to do some fine-tuning.)