Content is everywhere

Content is everywhere
: Sirius, one of the two satellite radio companies, announced it is ready to beam TV to cars (giving the kiddies I see in the back of vans during the evening commute every night now something new to watch). But think about it: This means that cable goes portable. If they can beam to your car, they’ll be able to beam to your player or laptop or phone soon. And that takes away one more advantage broadcasters have had; it untethers their competitors, cable channels, from the wire.

Thanks to wi-fi and high-speed cell connections and now satellite, you’ll be able to get any content anywhere anytime.

Content is everywhere.[via IWantMedia]

: More on satellite radio: Steve Hall’s right. The only thing that’s going to make satellite radio really take off is the defection of Howard Stern.

: UPDATE: Terry Heaton sees the same potential — content is everywhere… content moves… content gets local — thanks to announcements of more ways to get PCs constantly connected to the net.