That’s what I need: a blog Boswell

That’s what I need: a blog Boswell
: I’m sorry, but the tone of Lessig News always grates me like a Paris Hilton interview. It’s so damned odd to have somebody writing about you in third person on your own web space:

In the latest issue of Wired, Paul Boutin calls for Professor Lessig

  • You realize he isn’t writing those don’t you? When you consider that third-person makes more sense.

  • anne.elk

    That was posted by Jake Wachman, not by Lawrence. Had Jake posted in the first person, it may have read like:
    “In the latest issue of Wired, Paul Boutin calls for my (Jake!) appointment to the Supreme Court. That Paul Boutin, what a card!”
    Now, after you apologize to Lessig and your readers, you may wish to try this post again, but with a less negative tone.
    Remember our New Year’s Resolution!

  • Actually, that seems even more pretentious than if Lessig had posted it himself using the third person–which is saying something. IMHO of course.

  • He’s a professor. Professors have almost always had assistants to update their CVs, bios, etc.
    Now they also update the news section of their website/blog.
    I don’t see it as obnoxious particularly if you happen to be a person who reads the professor’s website and might also be interested in articles written by/about him.

  • Lessig pays somebody to kiss his ass on his own web site. That’s pretty obnoxious.

  • Is he a Democrat or a Republican?
    Yeah, there’s some real doubt about that one. And, excuse me, but isn’t a jurist supposed to be an impartial arbitrer? That hasn’t exactly been Lessig’s strong suit, he’s an issue advocate.
    I don’t want those on the Supreme Court, do you? Because what comes next?

  • Independant George

    Maybe he should hire Bob Dole to start blogging for him…

  • Joe Baby

    It’s such an academic thing to have some serf updating the blog, filling the coffee cup, and groping the occasional tart when the master doesn’t have the time. Apparently having someone blog for you frees up time to slowly stroke the chin in search of the next stroke of brilliance to emerge.

  • I hate to break it to all of you who have axes to grind against Lessig, but being an assistant to a prof. is usually a cushy job. There is often work-study funding and you make contacts that can be helpful in the future.
    As I said, this is nothing new. Now it is just done online too.