‘Goodbye my most beautiful year…’

‘Goodbye my most beautiful year…’
: Mohammad at Omar‘s Iraqi blog has a magnificent post heralding the close of 2003:

Good bye 2003, good bye my most beautiful year. I’ll grieve your end and sing your legend as long as I live.

You made my greatest dream come true.

I know that the coming years will bring all the good to my country, simply because we have put our feet on the right path.

The will of the good have achieved victory, and that is enough for me to be optimistic, but those will not be as special as you were

2003; the year of freedom.

Before you I was mute, and here goes my tongue praying for the best,

Before you I was hand-cuffed, and here are my hands free to write,

Before you my mind was tied to one thought and here I find wide horizons and greater thoughts,

Before you I was isolated, and here I join the wide universe.

I will never forget you; you broke the chains for my people….

: Ays adds:

The most important event in 2003 was the capture of SH, it was my dream and the dream of millions of Iraqis.

  • Derek

    It was actually Mohammed who wrote that post.

  • It is disapointing that he writes this. I was going to write exactly opposite:
    It was year of death and destruction created by man, and ended with even more death and destruction, created by man and nature. Only an heartless person can call this a beautiful year.
    final note of that year was even uglier: 50,000 people were just killed in the quake in Iran. How could it be a beautiful year?
    I’d say: Go to hell, year 2003.

  • Faramin:
    So you’d prefer that these people continue to live under their murdering, oppressing tyrant. OK. We’ll put Saddam back in power, just because you say so. Too bad his sons aren’t around to torture and rape people anymore.

  • Agreed, a gorgeous post as usual from the men over at Iraq the Model.
    Thankfully some of us still know how to count our blessings….

  • Rob

    If opening and closing with death and destruction makes it a “bad year”, then every year since the dawn of Islamofascism has been a “bad year”. Considering that we’re actually doing something now to create a light at the end of the tunnel, I say it’s a “good year”.

  • lk

    Beautiful sentiments exactly. Every American military family who has experienced a loss in 2003 will be comforted. Try reading it to one.

  • kkl

    Omar’s coments are wonderful.

  • Mikhel

    Thanks Jeff. I was glad to have read that.

  • Although Saddam wasn’t a nice guy, we never did find any of those weapons, so… why did we take his country again? I’d rather we capture Bin Laden.