List of list of lists

List of list of lists
: Fimoculous, exhaustive as always, has gathered the list to end all lists of year-end lists.

You’ll note that I’m not doing any lists. That’s because I always hated them when I was paid to do them for papers and magazines.

The worst was compiling People’s annual 25 Most Intriguing, a painful process of meetings and arguments and pap on paper. But it had its highpoints. There was the year I had to go along with a top editor of the magazine to translate Bill Gates for him. And there was the year they made a TV special out of the list, complete with Hollywood dancers coming on camera to sing and dance the names: “Lech [step step] Waaaaaalesa!” If I keep going, I’ll end up making a list. So I’ll stop now. I hate lists.

And I don’t make predictions, either. Nor resolutions.

But I will make this prediction: Kottke won’t keep this resolution.