List of list of lists

List of list of lists
: Fimoculous, exhaustive as always, has gathered the list to end all lists of year-end lists.

You’ll note that I’m not doing any lists. That’s because I always hated them when I was paid to do them for papers and magazines.

The worst was compiling People’s annual 25 Most Intriguing, a painful process of meetings and arguments and pap on paper. But it had its highpoints. There was the year I had to go along with a top editor of the magazine to translate Bill Gates for him. And there was the year they made a TV special out of the list, complete with Hollywood dancers coming on camera to sing and dance the names: “Lech [step step] Waaaaaalesa!” If I keep going, I’ll end up making a list. So I’ll stop now. I hate lists.

And I don’t make predictions, either. Nor resolutions.

But I will make this prediction: Kottke won’t keep this resolution.

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    I do agree that you shouldn’t run a list or lists if you don’t like them.
    I don’t have an ‘official policy,’ but generally I would only run a list that looks like fun, or has some funny qualities. Does this list enhance our quality of life somehow? If it’s going to make our year seem tedious or morbid, I’m not too keen on that. If it’s going to give us a chuckle, it’s got a better chance with me. Who wants to be left with a sour taste in your mouth at the end of the year? And what a bummer that they would give a tough project to wrap things up at the end of a year– that stinks.

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    Oh, by the way, Drudge gives a link to a Safire list! I looked at it, but it looked too serious to fit my usual criteria. Honestly now, people are getting ready to watch Dick Clark. Do you really think they want to think about Safire’s serious list right now? I doubt it. Maybe tomorrow.

  • “You’ll note that I’m not doing any lists.”
    Ah. You’re listless, then?
    Here’s to a more energetic new year.