Username: blog; Password: blog

Username: blog; Password: blog
: Glenn Reynolds is stomping his foot on the ground in frustration at the Hartford Courant’s registration. I understand and sympathize.

Now I’m in a bit of a conflict of interest here because the sites I work on do now require lite registration (the online equivalent of name, rank and serial number: zip code, age, and gender). I don’t mind that kind of effort if it helps a site that gives me free content build a better business — it does — and if I have to do it only once and if I don’t have to remember a user name and password.

If a blogger I liked asked me for such registration or even more, I’d probably do it in a flash out of personal loyalty (wouldn’t you?)

But like Glenn, when faced with the need to give blood type and sexual history and SAT scores and with the even more troubling need to try my feeble memory with another damned user name and password for a site I may visit once a year via a link, I often turn and run. Not worth it.

But I don’t face that problem with the LA Times’s onerous registration for a simple reason: I use the laexaminer username and laexaminer password so conveniently and generously created by Ken Layne (or was it Matt Welch?) long ago (and still used — see this Winds of Change post linking to the LAT today).

And so I’m surprised we haven’t seen people creating a universal username and password (blog/blog) for sites that demand onerous registration: Try to get into the site with the blog/blog combination; if it doesn’t work, register under that combination to do the next guy in a favor.

But do that just for sites you’re going to visit only occasionally. If you live in Hartford, you are, in fact, better off going through the full registration because you’ll probably get advertising and perhaps content that is, in fact, more useful to you. If you plan to speak in forums that require registration, you won’t want every Tom-Dick-and-Bozo speaking as you. But if you live in Knoxville, well, that’s just a pain.

: Pssst, Glenn: I just tried to get into the Courant site with laexaminer/laexaminer. It worked. Maybe that’s already the secret password everybody knows….