: Read Iranian weblogs and you’ll pick up a current of anger at the Iranian government for not spending money to build stronger, safer structures in this earthquake-plagued nation. Iran For Dummies says:

Iran as every one knows is on the seismic line, we have experienced deadly earthquakes:

– Sept. 16, 1978; northeast Iran; magnitude 7.7; 25,000 killed.

-May 10, 1997; northern Iran; magnitude 7.1; 1,500 killed.

-June 21, 1990; northwest Iran; magnitude 7.3 to 7.7; 50,000 killed.

-June 22, 2002; northwestern Iran, magnitude 6; at least 500 killed….

They can’t refer this tragedy to Al-Qaeda; they can’t fool us with the will of God or the holy experiment placed by Allah. I as an Iranian blame this tremendous casualty and deaths on government and lack of precautions for people