Reaction from the coalition of the pissy

Reaction from the coalition of the pissy

: Atrios should have had another cup of coffee:

These are just some unorganized idle thoughts before I’ve had a cup of coffee. Capturing Saddam is a good thing – he was a bad guy. I’m really glad he was captured and not killed.

But, it really doesn’t change much. Capturing Saddam isn’t going to end the resistance to the US occupation in Iraq. It may improve things slightly, or it could even make it worse, but the net effect will probably be negligible. Saddam was a bad guy, but it isn’t clear he’s any worse of a guy than some of the folks who are a part of our “Coalition of the Willing,” so this pretense of moral clarity, etc… is ridiculous.

Saddam wasn’t a threat to us. This was a war of choice and we made a bad choice (and many more bad choices subsequently). Kosovo was also a war of choice. Whether or not that was a bad choice, consider the disparity in the media coverage of those wars.

And, cynical me just has to ask – who’s the enemy now? The base needs one.

Did they really call it “operation Red Dawn?” oy

And if he’d had another cup of coffee, he wouldn’t have been embarrassing himself with this. Saddam no worse than others in the coalition? Go here. Each pixel is a person. Look at how many he killed. Then piss on the news. Or just go to the bathroom to deal with all that coffee.

: Metafilter tries to piss on the news. But nothing comes out. [via Michele]

: The Dean blog has nothing on the news. Ditto Clark. Ditto Lieberman. Odd. But then, in fairness, neither does the Bush blog. And here’s the issue with official blogs: Spin before posting.