The whole world is clicking

The whole world is clicking
: Pedram explains Hoder’s strategy behind running for the Iranian Parliament:

As I am writing this, Hoder is busy designing yet another web site. This one will be different. It’s not about him, it’s about you. You as in you, the Iranians who have been “left out” by this regime. This is what I mean; in the upcoming parliamentary elections, you can run as a candidate IF amongst other things, you pledge allegiance to Velayate Faghih (supreme leader) clause of the constitution, have a bachelor’s degree or higher, are at least 30 years old (and not older than 75), and be able to see, speak and hear.

In other words, nobody with a different opinion, nobody from lower classes or smaller towns and villages who have little access to higher education, nobody from the 60% of the population that is born after 1979 and no person with disabilities can even apply. Not to mention that if you still fit into the narrow category above, then an ultra-conservative council will review your qualifications and decides if you are allowed to run or not. In summary, only the narrowest of the a very narrow portion of Iranians are even allowed to consider the option.

So, the question is not whether Hoder should or could run or not. It is basically to stress the fact that choice does not really exists in any election held under these circumstances.

The site being developed, is a symbolic response to just that issue…. On this site, you will be encouraged to “run”, as it is your basic human and political right to do so….

Let us show the “conservatives”, the “reformers”, the “progressives” and the “extremists” inside the Iranian regime, what they are missing. Let them see how wonderful the idea of diversity is.

Yes, show them how wonderful the idea of democracy is.

: UPDATE: Hoder explains it himself.