: I’m not whether to hug him or hire him. Well, I don’t think I’ll do either. So instead I’ll just link to this post about interactivity from a VC, Fred Wilson:

I know a lot of bloggers who turn off comments. They don’t want to have to police all that reader generated content. I know how they feel. I’ve had to delete at least 10 vulgar or hateful comments from my blog since I started blogging in late September.

But I blog because I want to stimulate thought. I want that feedback. And I get a lot of it….

My point is this. The Internet is a two way medium. That’s a big deal. Don’t ever forget that. Your audience aren’t just your readers; they are your knowledge base, your customers, your vendors, your supporters, your antagonists, and most everything else.

So leave the comments on. And listen. And learn.

Amen, blogging brother, amen.