The war we must win

The war we must win
: Tom Friedman wrote an important column today that he should have saved for Sunday, not a holiday. Writing as if he were Saddam Hussein sending a note to George Bush, he says:

You see, Bush, this really is “The Mother of All Battles.” You may not have meant to, but you have triggered a huge civilizational war

  • Tresho

    A lot of people think the US won WW III, in about 1989. What’s going on now is WW IV.

  • Sandy P.

    We started this?
    Funny, that’s not the way I see it.
    Their ulitmate goal was written 1400-odd years ago.

  • Gone

    Steyn? Oh heavens, don’t even pretend any more.

  • AJ

    Whatever…Islam started it 1400 years ago….Islam teaches perpetual jihad against the infidel