: What a great move:

In a stunning mission conducted under enormous secrecy, President Bush flew into Baghdad today aboard Air Force One to have dinner with United States officials and a group of astonished American troops.

His trip — the first ever to Iraq by an American president — had been kept a matter of absolute secrecy by the White House, which had said that he would be spending the Thanksgiving weekend at his ranch outside Crawford, Tex….

The trip was an extraordinary gesture, with scant precedent, and was seen as an effort by Mr. Bush to show the importance he attaches to the embattled United States-led effort to pacify and democratize Iraq.

Bravo. [AP pool photo]

: Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton goes to Afghanistan.

: Ryan Pitts says he doesn’t much care how much Bush’s team calculated the political benefits of the trip.

Right. This is above politics. This is presidential. This shows the support for the troops that they need and deserve.