: What a great move:

In a stunning mission conducted under enormous secrecy, President Bush flew into Baghdad today aboard Air Force One to have dinner with United States officials and a group of astonished American troops.

His trip — the first ever to Iraq by an American president — had been kept a matter of absolute secrecy by the White House, which had said that he would be spending the Thanksgiving weekend at his ranch outside Crawford, Tex….

The trip was an extraordinary gesture, with scant precedent, and was seen as an effort by Mr. Bush to show the importance he attaches to the embattled United States-led effort to pacify and democratize Iraq.

Bravo. [AP pool photo]

: Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton goes to Afghanistan.

: Ryan Pitts says he doesn’t much care how much Bush’s team calculated the political benefits of the trip.

Right. This is above politics. This is presidential. This shows the support for the troops that they need and deserve.

  • Barney Lerten

    Oh the naysayers and Bush-bashers will lump it in with his May visit to the carrier.
    And he visited the families of soldiers lost in Iraq the other day. Perhaps he thought the holidays would be the proper time. Perhaps he got sick of the whiners saying he hadn’t been to a funeral or 3 or 30. (How would he choose? How could he choose?)
    Yes, many very risk days lay ahead. And it could still go very bad, even worse than it has. But it was a tricky little move, slapping the media in one respect (think you know where I am every second, do ya? Hah!)
    And if the economy continues to turn around (come on Blessed Holiday Shoppers!) the
    Democratic rabble will be hard-pressed to knock him off.
    But there’s a long time to go, for all that.

  • BigFire

    Oh, the difference between Bush’s visit to England and this one… Thousands of American teenagers with guns (that would be the US Arm Forces) make Bush feel better than those professional protestors who couldn’t get anyone who isn’t professional to join them on their circus.

  • I’m no Bush guy, but I think what he did was totally cool. Nice job Mr. President.