Rush hour

Rush hour
: This morning, I came into the World Trade Center in rush hour, in a fairly crowded train. As soon as the train came into the site, the train went completely silent; most people looked outside; some just looked off. I wonder how long that will last. Maybe forever. Maybe it is our way of paying our respects.

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  • Julian

    Silence, Reverance, Respect : what more fitting a memorial -(much superior and more appropriate) than all the architecturally self-important ones currently on offer!

  • JorgXMcKie

    On Sept 12, 2001, my students asked me if the WTC attack would make a difference in America. I answered, I hope so, but let’s wait until after Thanksgiving to see if people are still angry, hurt, and defiant. Well, the anger is quiter, but perhaps deeper for many, many of us (I hope most) are still defiant in that we’ll not let those murderous scum alter how we perceive ourselves, and the hurt, for all but a few, is still there, and still deep.
    I don’t know how long it will last, but I hope at least as long as I live.